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As a Professional Care Manager for 19 years, I established FHL Care Management in January of 2010. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s in Counseling, in addition to holding a Certification as a Professional Care Manager by the National Association of Certified Care Managers.  Being a Registered Nurse for over 35 years and having worked in Critical Care, as a Faith Community Nurse in congregations of faith and as a Hospice Chaplain. I have had the privilege of serving people in very difficult times of their lives.  I am proud to be a member of the  National Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) and the Florida Chapter of the  Aging Life Care Association. I am active in the Central Florida  Chapter of ALCA. I have found my life calling in working with older adults as it is both challenging and satisfying. There is a special place in my heart in working with clients with dementia. I am married to my awesome husband Roger and between us have three daughters, a son, 4 grandchildren and our golden retriever Abigail. When I am not working, I am cooking, reading and playing with Abby. I also love attending blues concerts with Roger.