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6. Offer counseling and support

We become an active listener for clients with issues such as depression and grief, offering support and making referrals to specialists if needed.

7. Provide crisis intervention

When crisis situations arise, we respond immediately to support our clients and minimize any disruption in their lives.

8. Assist with moving to or from a facility, hospital or home

Coordinate permanent and temporary moves to take the burden off clients and their families.  We can assist with out of state moves to/from Florida

9. Provide consumer education and advocacy

We advocate on our clients’ behalf with other agencies, skilled or assisted living facilities and health care providers to ensure our clients’ highest quality of life.

10. Address safety and security issues

For elders remaining in their own home, we conduct initial and ongoing safety inspections to ensure our clients safety.  

11. Healthcare education and advocacy

We ensure that our clients understand the purpose of their medications and monitor their nutritional intake, promote exercise within client limits and socialization within their environment and local community.

1. Conduct care planning assessments to identify problems and provide solutions

We conduct an initial assessment to determine client needs and provide a written care plan.  We monitor clients for any changes in their cognitive or physical conditions and modify the care plan as needed.

2. Medical Stabilization and Support

This is our specialty. Half of our care management staff are Registered Nurses. This allows us to take complex medical cases and stabilize them. We attend medical appointments, facilitate between specialists and monitor client symptoms.

3. Screen, arrange and monitor in-home care and services

We do not provide in-home care, but can make referrals to agencies or private individuals that provide these services.  We can monitor the provision of these services on an ongoing basis.

4. Act as a liaison to families at a distance and providing care oversight

We report on client changes (including improvements and declines) to designated family members out of state on a regular basis and make recommendations based on these changes.

5. Review financial, legal and medical issues and offer referrals to appropriate specialists

As part of our initial assessment we review financial, legal and medical issues and make recommendations and referrals as necessary to specialists, providers and local resources.