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Greta in Germany

Brenda from GA

Amy and Laurie, CA

Thanks for your tremendous service to Alan. I can tell a remarkable difference in his mindset. You really do perpetuate the concept of faith, hope and love.

Dianne cared for my mother for almost 2 ½ years during her illness, proceeding her death.  Dianne brought a greater quality of life during her illness, accompanying her to medical facilities and appointments, being the liaison with medical personnel when needed, picking up prescriptions, filling weekly medication boxes, visiting, laughing, and answering difficult questions. Not only was she helpful to my mother but I was able to discuss medical ideas and options. Dianne also helped to facilitate hospice when it was needed and genuinely cared for my mother.

I heard about your birthday visit.  It was a hit!!  Thank you so much for your compassion and caring.   You're  very knowledgeable both medically and also with the spectrum of topics surrounding aging people and their families.  You are very effective and efficient. At the same time you're just wonderful people who are a joy to experience and who spread lots of care and compassion.  We are very fortunate to have the pleasure of working with you. Thank you.

As we fly back home we can't think of the words to express our appreciation for the work you do and the care you have taken with our parents. Our dad was definitely comforted by all you do. We feel so fortunate to have found you. We could never have coped without you and knowing that someone was there with dad at the end, when we couldn't be, was a great comfort. Thank you,

Dianne Reynolds and her team at FHL Care Management have helped me care for my father for the last 3 years.  Their expertise has proved priceless in the transition from retirement village to assisted living to skilled nursing so that Dad has had the best care possible with the dignity and compassion he deserves.

Rebecca Dignan, MD


Daughter of a client in Orlando, FL

Hugh, Florida

I want to thank all of you ladies for the support you gave Andy and myself. It was a comfort to know you were here checking and keeping track of his well being. I truly appreciate you being advocates for him. I was so glad to see Thelma at the hospital the night we flew in and want to thank Dianne for being at Andy's service on such short notice.  Sincere thanks,

Thanks for finding a new home for my mom!


I wanted to thank you once again for the extraordinary, warm, and conscientious care and support you gave to us and to dad. It made an incredible difference in all our lives!

Rivera Family, California

Dedie, Orlando

I hope this finds you well and your company standing strong. I’ve told so many of my friends of your services and how much it helped not only Mom but me as well. Your support, resources and knowledge of the needs of elder care was and is so critical for families like mine. Please accept a heartfelt thank you for all you did for us. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough but know the comfort of not being alone in so many decisions was a God send.

As for Kizzy, she was very knowledgeable and helpful to us during that time where we didn’t know where to turn.  She was very responsive to calls, texts, and emails. There has never been a doubt in my mind that she is on top of her game and a sincere advocate for her patients. She was very professional and always followed through with what she said she was going to do and kept  us informed.

She gave my daughter a list of Home Health Agencies and my daughter followed through with contacting them. Kizzy handled making sure the orders were made by the Dr and filled by SEGO (equipment) and Central Florida Quality Care( OT and PT). She was VERY good at staying behind them and following up. She told us things we needed and why we needed them. She gave us the right verbiage to use to get the maximum help with Lowell.

Thanks for getting us started with FHL.  I have also shared their telephone number with a friend.  It is very comforting to have someone hold your hand and help you navigate the maze.

The Bowman’s Orlando

Wanted to reach out and let you know how thankful and impressed I am with your company and can't give enough thanks for the support provided for both myself and my dad over the past several years. We had a very strained relationship as his bouts of dementia/mental illness (or whatever it was) got more frequent but I could go to bed every night knowing that he was being taken care of and when I got any calls regarding things going wrong I knew I could make one call and it would be taken care of in the most professional way. I honestly would have walked away from this mess four years ago if it were not for the elder law attorney referring your company to assist and it was the best decision I EVER made...for both my own sanity and family and for my father. I was fully ready to walk away and she suggested I reach out to you and it was the best thing I could have done. I would not have been ok with walking away but I was at a breaking point myself and felt like I had no where to turn until she told me to call you.  He has no one else that had his best interest in mind and I cannot imagine where he would have ended up without your assistance and for that I will be forever grateful!

I'm sure it goes without saying but you have amazing care managers. So compassionate and yet so professional. I admire and appreciate FHL so much! It's tough to find competent people but FHL went so far above and beyond for my father and myself that I really felt I needed to let you know. He is not someone that just anyone can manage but you never gave up, and never came up short on suggestions and/or solutions when he would throw a monkey wrench into life. It never failed, as soon as I left town something would come up and it be would handled it! Weekends, late at night FHL was always on top of it and it gave me my life back. Not to mention my father truly trusted your care managers and that in itself says a lot!! FHL knew him well enough to recognize the end was near, he had given up hope and start the process of getting him into hospice to stop the constant trips to the ER. I could keep going but really just felt I needed to send this as part of my closure on his life. Your company really means a lot to me and I will not hesitate to refer you to anyone I come across that could use your assistance! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Grateful forever daughter Thank you for all your help - I’d be lost w/o you.

Out of state daughter

It has been our pleasure to work with your great team.   We can not thank Thelma, Dianne and Kizzy enough for all they have done for my Mom and Dad.  If you ever need to use me as a referral do not hesitate to contact me. I also appreciate you all coming to my Mom’s Memorial service.  Hopefully you got to know another side of her.  

Karyn from SC

When my mother was ageing in the 1990’s there were no services like FHL Care Management and my family had to put mom in a nursing home because of the intense care she needed. I will always regret that decision even though we did not have a lot of choice and did the best we could. We were grateful to discover the in home services that had evolved when my father needed them years later. Dianne cared for my father for 6 years, enabling him to stay in his own home and be as independent as possible until he passed on at age 94.  She provided for him in ways his daughters never could have, both because of her skills and because parents don’t like their children interfering. She built an excellent rapport with my father and great trust which enabled her to discourage his resistance to things that would keep him safe and healthy.  As a result, my dad had an enjoyable, quality final years.  We were all impressed with the knowledge Dianne brought to the table, not only of medicine but of human psychology and communication. She was always anticipating the next step so that everyone would be prepared, equipment and services would be in place and things would continue to run smoothly.  She was an excellent manager and excellent at selecting appropriate help.  We also appreciated her ability to interact with doctors, speaking their language and maximizing what they too had to offer. We were able to avoid doctors when doctors were not necessary, and gain access to doctors in a more timely way than would have been otherwise possible.  On top of all the technical skills Dianne had to offer, she also was a caring person and always professional. I and my sisters think we lucked out when we found Dianne. She was even able to deal with us: four very different siblings used to butting in and being assertive. She helped us understand a lot about aging and dementia. Because of Dianne, we were also able to keep the role of daughters and enjoy our Dad and get to know him in a new way before he left us.

Georgia F.  From Colorado

Dianne Reynolds took over the management of my mother’s health care in April of 2001 and continued to do so until my mother passed away in June 2009.  Early on my mother’s health issues were of a concern but did not require immediate attention.  Being an only child and living in New Jersey, it was important to me that a good relationship be established between my mother and the person who would be caring for her health. Dianne was a perfect fit for mother. She began by visiting mother monthly and really got to know my mother as a person not just a client. My mother truly enjoyed their visits.  As mother’s condition deteriorated, Dianne scheduled doctor’s appointments, and went to all of her doctor visits with her making sure the various specialists were in synch with her medical history.  Mother did not want to leave her home so Dianne arranged for her to have exercise and well-balanced meals as well as making sure that her medication was properly dispensed. My mother was able to make decisions about her health care up to the very end. Dianne, my mother and I had a true partnership in the handling of her health care. Dianne would promptly return my calls and immediately call me after any doctor visit to discuss my mother’s condition.  Mother’s final journey was as she would have wanted-in her home and on her terms. I have Dianne to thank for that. My mother’s quality of life and her end of life were handled in such a way that I only can be thankful that Dianne was a part of our life for seven years.

Charla W. from New Jersey

Sandy, Orlando

It has been our pleasure to work with your great team. We can not thank Thelma, Dianne, Kizzy and Angie enough for all they have done for my Mom and Dad.  If you ever need to use me as a referral do not hesitate to contact me. I also appreciate you all coming to my Mom’s Memorial service.  Hopefully you got to know another side of her.  

I wanted to take the time to share the exceptional care our parents received from your care managers. When our 88 year old Dad had sudden heart surgery in 2018 I found your agency and spoke to you. I was upset and frightened and you helped me tremendously.

Your care manager came to the hospital and spoke to our Mom and my sisters and kept in touch throughout his hospital stay.  FHL also helped coordinate and administer his care at home when he was discharged.

Once Dad was stable my sisters and I had to return to our homes and families. We live in New England and out west. It was tough to say goodbye but we knew Dad was in good hands.

 Since that time FHL has become an integral part of Mom and Dad’s lives as both of them began to need assistance with doctors appointments and various other medical needs.

> We could not begin to imagine how we could have handled helping them had it not been for FHL Management. We always looked forward to and appreciated the detailed reports via emails and texts - it allowed us all to be on the same page when we later spoke to our parents.

 Everyone at FHL is so professional. Our parents love and trust your staff. We could not ask for anything better.

Their out of state daughters

Thank you so much Dianne.  You can’t know how wonderful it is knowing that your company is overseeing everything. Such a relief.  

Thank you Stephanie, your service was such a help for us.  Kizzy was such a wonderful person, we are so fortunate to have her there for support over this past year, she is such an amazing asset for your company! Wishing you a wonderful 2020-

His daughters from Canada

Dianne, just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given over the past few months. Your solid advice and compassionate approach have been such a help to me during a very stressful time. You are very good at what you do! I hope you have a great holiday.

Dianne-Thanks to you and Team FHL for all your help this year with Dad. As you know I'm not able to get up there and do not get to see him very much. So your updates are my contact with Dad. I don't know what I would do without your help.

Bob, Maine

Thank you once again for all you do for Dad. I appreciate your watchful eye, keen observations, insightfulness and strong guidance. Thank you for helping me navigate such complicated waters. I am thankful for you.  

Larissa, CA

 I highly recommend Dianne Reynolds and her FHL staff.  We have worked with Dianne Reynolds (FHL) for the past 8 years.  We live in another state from my Dad and step-mom, Freda.  Dianne has been a life saver.  Her knowledge of how to navigate today's complicated medical system, not to mention her clinical knowledge have saved us many hours and much worry. She knows who to talk with, and how to make the system work efficiently, all the while, exercising tact, empathy and compassion.  Her sense of humor helped us get through the tough times.  Her caring staff's expertise covers many disciplines so there is never a need that can't be handled, from complicated medical conditions, to Alzheimer's, to rehab, to oncology to hanging pictures on the wall!.  When Dianne needs time off, Thelma Woolridge also does an outstanding job.  

            When my step mom's son became unexpectedly terminally ill, Dianne was there with contacts and a plan to temporally move Dad ,who had Alzheimer's, closer to the hospital so that Freda could be with Dad every night; and she got a "sitter" so that Dad could function during the day in new surroundings. The move and the sitter reduced his anxiety of not having her with him every moment.  When Dad had a heart attack, Dianne was there to kiss him on the cheek for reassurance, as they air lifted him to a cardiac hospital;  then she drove Freda across town to be with him.  When Freda had a stroke, Dianne was there, using her contacts to maximize her rehab experience and  to oversee her medical needs.  When she fell in the shower, Dianne was there,  Even in her last moments of life.... Dianne was there.  At my step-mom's funeral, both Dianne and I expressed the additional sadness that our relationship was ending.  I can't say enough about the loving, caring and professional guidance that Dianne Reynolds (FHL) has provided our family for over 8 years.

David and Melanie, Atlanta

Cam K. from California

Karyn, Charlotte

Thank you for the extraordinary respect and care you provided for my dad.

I really appreciate you!


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