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FHL Care Management is a Professional Care Management firm whose mission is to maintain the highest quality of life, both for family caregivers and the person’s needing care as well. We do what family members would do if they had the time and expertise. We have a long-standing knowledge of the medical and professional community and of the many resources and care-related services available.


FHL was founded in January, 2010 by Dianne Reynolds, a Registered Nurse and Certified Care Manager. Dianne has carefully selected a team of Professional Care Managers that have the unique combination of medical skills and social graces in dealing with elder clients.


FHL's Professional Care Managers are expert elder care advocates and advisers. A team of registered nurses and social work specialists serves families with their comprehensive knowledge of medical issues and social service resources in the community.

Most referrals to FHL come from the medical and financial community or legal professionals whose clients are dealing with complex cognitive (such as Alzheimer's & Dementia) or medical issues or whose family lives at a distance. Our current and former clients have been very generous in referring family and friends to us.

 Not an agency….. A  relationship

 As Care Managers we enter people’s lives in times of change or crisis and advocate and assist in stabilizing their lives and the lives of their families. We at FHL, have a growing number of clients who are Baby Boomers and want help coping with and stabilizing specific health concerns or someone to advocate for them when they are not capable of advocating for themselves. We value these relationships.